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Justin & I want to welcome you to our little slice of internet Heaven. If you are looking for an inspirational, adventurous, & down to earth couple, you have come to the right place! We are full-time parents of 5 beautiful girls and spend the majority of our time chasing them across the country to softball & basketball games. In our free time we enjoy camping, hiking, motorcycle rides, and spontaneous road trips. 

We truly enjoy life, new experiences, family, genuine people, camp fires, fresh air, & great food!  

5 short years ago I was working full time as a Special Education Teacher & Licensed Professional Counselor,  Justin was a self-employed carpenter.  We were just over broke, exhausted, wore out parents who were living for the weekend to escape responsibility & rest.  So what changed? What broke the pattern? Glad you asked!

Well friend, we walked into a regular scheduled 6 month appointment for Justin & the doctor informed us he need to increase Justin's medication dosage & add another cholesterol medicine.  That was it! At that moment we realized after 10 years of him taking medication & seeing no improvement it was time to take responsibility and get educated.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Health & Human Performance, as well as a Personal Training License but I am researcher so I dove straight in to searching for more information.

 We began reading, watching nutrition videos, & exploring how to heal his body with nutrition. 

After 5 months of improved nutrition & increased activity, Justin no longer needed medication and

our passion was born! OK, so now we were revved up and ready to change the lives of all of our family, friend, & the WORLD, but how?? Well its crazy how when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

One month later we stumbled into a nutrition club & fell in love with the people, the atmosphere, the products, & the mission.  Now we had the community, coaching, and guidance to help us chase our dream of helping others improve their lives through nutrition.  Justin and I are now full time health coaches with clients and business partners across the United States, New Zealand, Holland, and Canada.

Justin & I want to Thank You for exploring our page & we want to invite you to join our family.  If you are looking for coaching or would like to explore joining our business please complete the survey at the bottom of our page. 

Have a beautiful Day, Justin&Bridget

"Your life does not get better by chance,

It gets better by change."  Jim Rohn


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For coaching and business collaborations,  or for any personal questions, you can reach me here: 



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