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Frequently Asked Question's

Cost & Benefits

What does it cost to become a preferred member?

The cost to become a preferred member is, $34.95 for 1 a year membership.  Yes you heard me right! The best part is each year after that your renewal fee is only $15 annually.


What are the benefits of becoming a Preferred Member?

Justin & I become your personal health coaches.  I have over 15 years experience in Fitness & Nutrition.  We will develop a personalized meal plan to fit your personal goals.  You will also receive 20%-40% off all of our products.  Goal setting & Accountability play a large role in your long term success, we will guide & assist you with this as well!  You also have access to private chat/facebook & Member Only Bonus Material.  

When I become a Preferred Member do I have limited access to coaching?

Absolutely NOT!  You will receive our personal cell phones, email, and facebook messenger.  Our passion is to help you be successful and meet your personal goals, so we high encourage our client to communicate regularly.

I'm ready to get started but I don't live in the United States, can I still become a member?

Of Course! We have clients across the globe.  Skype & Zoom are apps we utilize to communicate face to face with clients as well as email, and phone.

I want to sign up as a preferred member with you, but how?

We are excited to begin this journey with you!  Please email at or call/text me at 918-323-2120 and I will send you the link and our information for you to become our client. 


I want to lose weight but I have a hard time working out.  Can I still get results?

Yes you can!  Your results are 80% Nutrition & 20% Fitness.  We are going to teach you how to maximize your results through nutrition first. As you begin to lose weight and feel better you will find yourself becoming more active.  When you are ready we will provide you with low impact exercises that you can do comfortably from your home.  No hour long or high impact work outs needed.

I love working out and I'm looking to gain lean muscle, can you help me?

You better believe it!  We have an amazing fitness line, meal plan, & weight lifting regimen.  We have had incredible results with both male and female clients.

Business Opportunity

I would like to join your team and become a health coach, what do I need to do?

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